Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My kids are goofy!

All of my kids have such different personalities. Avery is the bossy oldest sibling, while Aidan is definately my rule follower (boarderline autistic.....if you said it was raining cats and dogs, she would look for them and then ask 15 questions as to why you said that, then ask again later if it was going to start raining cats and dogs), Mia is obviously the entertainer, and Emmitt brings the testosterone, he is all boy (he still plays with sisters dolls but it usually ends violently for the dolls, DDT's to the floor or he just throws them out of the stroller for no apparent reason!). Regardless of what we are doing, there is never a dull moment! Like right now, we are eating lunch and Emmitt is continuously cracking himself up...we don't know what is so funny but apparently he thinks something is!
My goal for this week (this is the end of my summer break :( ) is to write a post, with pics, about each kid. It is an ambitious one, I have plenty to do for school and we are currently building a 12' monster that the kids call their clubhouse, but I am going to give it my all!

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