Thursday, August 6, 2009


Emmitt, our little boy with long hair! Emmitt just turned two and he is TOTALLY different than the girls!Everything he does is so different from what I remember the girls doing. He already tackles Mia, for no apparent reason, and loves tractors. He can spot a tractor a mile away!

Emmitt does still play with his sisters toys, which kills his daddy, but he always goes back to his race cars and tractors! We bought him a tee ball set for his birthday, we really didn't think a two year old could hit it.....we were wrong! He hits it so hard that we have to take cover! After he hits it he runs his bases and yells home, home!

Of course he likes star wars, well his daddy likes to think he does! Look at him being so cool with his star wars shirt and his hands in his pockets....the girls better watch out!

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