Thursday, August 6, 2009


Aidan Elise, my little rule follower! Aidan just turned 6 this year. She lost her first two teeth the last week of school, she let her beloved Mrs. Kennemer pull them for her! Aidan is so funny, she will kill you with questions. Chris recently let her ride with him somewhere and he said she never stopped talking! What is that sign for daddy, why did that car go through the yellow light......constant!

Aidan also plays softball, has done dance for the last three years and this fall she will play basketball! She is going to be my ball player, she is always wanting to play. She started softball before she turned 4! Now with basketball coming up, she tries to practice with Avery's team whenever she can.....Aidan doesn't let size or anything stop her, she thinks she can play with everyone!

Aidan is definitely going to do something big, she is constantly thinking and trying to figure things out! It is so funny how she has such a different personality than Avery. Chris and I are lucky to have such wonderful kids!

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