Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The summer's almost over.......sigh

I officially only have two more weeks off and it seems like I have 100 projects to finish before then! The kids wanted a swing set for their birthdays (May and June, just a little late!) so we finally have the evenings free to start building it. Hopefully all will go well and we will have a tree house and swing set before I go back to work. Emmitt is so excited, all he ever says is swing set!
We were at my moms last week helping her out, we got quite a bit done but of course there is more we can do......I hope we get to go back soon and finish up. Although Joe and I about killed ourselves getting everything finished, the kids played with their Nanny and had a blast! It was a really good visit and wish we could go in more often.
The entire family attended the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes luncheon kick-off last week. The JDRF is a wonderful organization but I am always brought down a little by being around the other families. Being around everyone just reminds me how long-term Avery's diabetes really is. We live from day-to-day and try to give Avery the most normal life possible. Hearing everyone's stories brings me back to reality and makes me realize this is not going away. It's really hard, she looks normal but is no where near it and she is starting to be annoyed by all of the procedures she has to follow just to live. I don't blame her, it isn't fair that if she wants to eat a few crackers (like the other kids) she has to test her sugar, count out her food and then give her shot. It's a process. Hopefully they will find a cure soon.
I'm going to try to get these kids up! We need to head to Wal-mart and buy some school stuff and diapers! Emmitt needs to potty-train! I have been changing diapers for the past four years straight, technically it has been over six years, I had a short 6 month break before Mia was born! I won't know what to do once everyone is going potty like big kids!

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