Thursday, August 6, 2009


Avery, what can I say about Avery! She is definately our diva! She just turned 10 this year, although she is wanting to be a "pre-teen", as she calls herself, she still plays little toys with her little sisters and brother!
Avery is a pretty good big sister! She is really good about helping me keep Mia and Emmitt in line, and I definately need the help! She has also decided she likes to make money so I can usually flash a dollar or two in front of her and I can get her to help out with the dishes and laundry! She is going through this weird age thing and sometimes she drives me crazy! She is trying to be a cool big kid and some of the things she says is so nerdy......I try my best not to laugh, this is just such a weird age!

Avery plays softball, basketball and did dance for 5 years (she took a break this last year). Her softball team finished first in the league & the league tournament, second place in two other tournaments, and third in the state tournament! It was a busy spring but we loved following her to all of her games and practices! We are now getting ready for fall softball and then we will head straight into basketball season.....never a dull moment!
Below is a picture of Avery's basketball team. We had an end of season sleep-over at the was a blast! Seventeen fourth grade girls, food and a karaoke machine! I will say we ended the night with her coaches and I singing them to sleep! I think we had as much fun as the girls did!

As well as being involved in all of her activities, Avery also has type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed New Years Eve, 2007. It was very surreal, we saw the signs throughout the month of December but I just thought I was being a paranoid parent. I remember being at Joe's college graduation and Avery in tears wanting something to drink. I thought she was just being overdramatic (she does that frequently) but her body was actually starving itself and she really was dying for a drink. She has been dealing with it now for over a year and a half and we are still learning new things. She has her days when she is high all day long, it is very stressful because we know it is hurting her body even if it isn't apparent on the outside. We try to take things day by day, if we think about the longevity and severity of the disease we break down. Our hope is she will lead a normal, healthy life. Avery does a really good job of taking care of herself and we stay as positive as possible so that she doesn't let it get her down. We do have the JDRF walk in September! If you are interested in joining Avery's team, Avery's Hog Wild Team, just let us know!

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  1. Holly, I enjoyed reading what you wrote about each of your children (I hope you print this out and keep it for your kids to one day read). I've always admired your mothering skills. You are such a good role model for other parents.