Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a swingin'

Okay, so Chris's parents and my mom gave the kids money for a swing set for their birthdays. Due to playing softball until July 2nd, camping July 4th weekend, me attending a workshop in Atlanta for a week, and us helping mom out for two weeks, we are just now getting to build it for them. We looked into getting one from Wal-mart or Toys-R-Us but with us having four kids, we need to make sure we have enough room for all of the kids......this is why we decided to build it ourselves! So, the swing set part has been finished for over a week and I think it looks pretty good!

The playhouse part, is a work in progress! The kids LOVE playing in the playhouse more than swinging so we wanted it to be big enough for all of them to get in....well, it is definately going to be big enough! The kids have two floors to play on, which they love having a two story house! We put the ladder on yesterday and they were so excited.....Emmitt can even get up and down all by himself! We still have a lot to do (a roof, a couple of front walls, paint) but it is at least to a point where the kids can begin playing and enjoying it! Of course, we are planning on having a slumber party out there soon as well!

Also, check out the pictures of Emmitt! I took all of the kids to get their hair cut to get ready to go back to school and Emmitt was needing a little trim as well. He has had it trimmed two or three times before, but I just did it myself at the house. I thought he needed to get a big boy hair cut so we let Kala trim it up and make him look even more handsome! As you can tell from the pictures, he was not a happy camper! He was so mad that he locked his shoulders up and just pouted almost the entire time! He was so cute! Hopefully the next time he goes it won't be such a big ordeal! BTW, his hair is still is just too darn cute to cut short!

And one last picture.....We had a busy weekend, Chandra graduated with her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy on Friday (way to go Chan!) so we were in Conway all day and Saturday we were on the go and working on the playhouse the entire day.....needless to say Emmitt and Mia didn't have a nap either day. After we came in and took baths, to get ready for dinner, they both fell asleep before they even got dressed! Too funny!

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