Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amelia Bedilia

My Mia! Mia will be 4 in October, she is our entertainment, always putting on a show for everyone! Just look at that face, how can you not just absolutely love her! That wonderful face also makes it very hard to get onto her!
Along with the funny personality, she also brings the stubbornness with her. For example, we were school shopping last week, I found a Little Miss Stubborn shirt....I told her I was going to get it and she started saying "No, No, I not stubborn!" Too funny!
Mia did dance last year, it was so comical. She loved being in the spotlight! She was one of the youngest in her class but of course she was the loudest when it came to singing! We just smiled everytime we saw her walking through the house dancing and singing! I can't wait to see what she grows up to be, it will be something in the public eye!
If you look at Mia's pictures, you see that she is always posing for the camera, and not just smiling she always throws an arm in the air to diva it up! I have said, she has the personality of a drunk sorority girl, everything is "Woooo!" to her! When she swims in Joe & Chandra's hot tub, she kicks a leg in the air and says "party all night, baby"......we don't know where she learned that but it is hilarious everytime she does it!

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